Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Surround Sound System with Cerwin-Vega speakers, Kenwood Receiver

This quality Surround Sound System comes from a reputable home. It is in top condition and is believed to work like new.

Features the following components:

  1. Kenwood VR 6050 Tuner, fully digital encoded
  2. Cerwin Vega AVS SAT4 speakers (four) with mounting brackets
  3. Cerwin Vega AVS CTR4 speaker (one) with mounting bracket
  4. Cerwin Vega AVS SUB8 subwoofer (one)
  5. Radio Shack Digital Wireless Audio Link Transmitter and Receiver (one)
We don't have any of the cables to test it out, so we'll offer a 1 week return if returned in identical condition.

Asking $275, which is a fair price compared to the cost of new, similar systems. These are sold as as set. Seller prefers Cash for this item, but will accept local cashier's check with valid id.

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